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40 Days for Life


When the original 40 Days for Life took over the location of a Planned Parenthood that was the subject of a Nationwide movie, the felt that it was important to honor the estimated 6,500 lives lost to abortion in that building. Using six 8′ tall walls on a 1′ 6″ foundation wall, we created back drop wall for 6,500 crosses towering over your head. Flanked by 2 kneeling angles is a plaque that tells their story. In the back stands a hand broken rough 11′ tall Ebeneezer stone that honors those who donated their time, efforts, and money to make sure that this facility would go forward saving the lives of women and babies. This memorial would become a prayer garden to people who need a place to remember their loved ones. A place of comfort for those who fought for the lives of little ones who were lost. A place of solace.



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