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“It’s a Friday night in Montgomery County. You find your seat in a bustling bar as the band sets up on stage. The murmurs of the crowd grow as the guitarist begins his sound check. Regulars recognize their friend Randy’s familiar chords and riffs in his routine warm-up. Fellow musicians and fans gather around the stage and prepare for a night of wild live music. Randy’s band played many great shows and his wife Robin enjoyed watching him do what he loved.
The Akin’s monument is a compilation of their hobbies and passions. Randy had a great love for making and sharing music. He had a significant impact on local musicians, young and old. Robin has a joy for quilting and enters her work into craft shows. The pattern used here matches a family quilt she intends to pass down. Keeping the connection to Randy in the monument was very important to her. The mirrored cut out of the guitar represents her missing half. The polished birds on the back are representative of each grandkid and resemble the ones inlayed on the fret of Randy’s PRS guitar. Each tier of the monument has its own meaning and style; revealing another facet of the couple’s life together. The combination of textures and processes makes this an intricately detailed piece.”

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