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Averbuch Family Monument

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Jerry Averbuch was a pillar in both the Jewish Community and the Commercial Real Estate world of Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama. He was also one of the most unassuming, kind people you would ever meet. He loved his Faith, his Family, his Community, and Wine! He said his Cup Runneth Over with blessings. He asked for a wine glass design and Charlie took it from there. In the Jewish faith, monuments are not typically designed pre-need. Jerry did not want to leave his family with that burden, both emotionally and financially, so he broke with tradition and had it installed before he passed away as his final gift to his family. This monument is fabricated of African Jet Black granite. The tablet is one solid piece in a goblet shape with a matte finish for the name. The font was chosen specifically by Mr. Averbuch to match his company logo.


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