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When Ryan’s mother first came to meet us, she came prepared. Or so she thought. She brought along a purse full of mementos and a long list of ideas. Pictures he had drawn when he was little, school papers, photos of him growing up, etc. She held tightly to these things, hoping that the perfect memorial would give her peace. Not too far into the process, she had to step back. When she returned a year later, she had a clearer vision. It wasn’t smudged crayon stick figures, a large red “A+,” or even a book full of tattered fading photos that defined Ryan. His faith in God and genuine care for others was the most special part about him. He didn’t let anyone go unnoticed or forgotten. When Mrs. Baron sat back down with us, she was thankful she hadn’t settled on the original monument she had planned for her son. We came up with a limestone and multi-red granite combination that captured Ryan’s character and personality in a subdued and rustic style.

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