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We were contacted to create something ‘special’ for a baby who had only lived for a few minutes. We were given no direction, no initial ideas, and only told to make it special. This concept is a play on the traditional broken column design. The bottom of the die is polished 2 while to top die is all polished, symbolizing her completion in heaven. The small check in the top die is a simple way to show that she has some growing left to go and she won’t be ‘complete’ until she’s with her parents again. The stainless box supports the top die and the focal point is taken up by a stainless rose with the same number of petals (35) as the minutes she lived. The empty space is just as important as the stone itself. The direction of the angle on the base follows the form above. A sconce seemed a better way to do a vase than a traditional standing one. Overall, it definitely is ‘special’.

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