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This is a modern take on the old broken column design. The clients were only able to have their daughter for 45 minutes on earth and wanted something spectacular for her. The prominent feature is the gold rose suspended in the middle of a mirror-finished stainless box. The box is the only thing supporting the upper portion of the tablet. The stainless vine runs through the empty space and penetrates the box, holding the rose in place. The bottom portion of the tablet is polished with rock sides, indicating the rough beginning to life Isabel had. The negative space represents the interlude in the grave and the time her family has to live without her. The top portion is all polished save the small check in the upper left corner. The all-polished portion symbolizes her perfection in heaven while the sanded check shows that she is still incomplete without her parents. The matching angles on the base, the negative space and the upper corner tie everything together. The negative space is the focal point of the piece and the simple, old-world font really completes it.

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