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Compola The Compola family had a traditional bevel marker for 20 years. After Anthony passed, the daughters felt their parents needed something more. The cemetery had changed requirements so now the family could do a slant style stone to replace the original. Something in polished black was a must. Dad always dressed in black and always had black cars. After seeing where the stone would be placed, I explained the difficulty there would be in keeping the black stone clean. Especially since they knew how much their dad had to wash the black cars to make it look nice. We decided that adding bronze to the stone would be the perfect “accessory” to the memorial. These Straussacker bronze elements were designed to complement each other. The script tied lettering for the family name matches the lettering on the panel niche plates. The finish on the roses and Crucifix also match the finish of the lettering. The black granite shines in the sunlight and reflects the trees and leaves above. The daughters know their father would approve.

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