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This is a Cross-shaped 4-grave monument with the design pulled from the pattern on the mug of the recently departed grandmother.

Where can inspiration come from? Well, What was important to your mother, what reminds you of her? These were just some of the questions I asked a distraught daughter who was more nervous about having the memorial done this year than knowing what to put on it.

After some time, her sister said “Well it’s not like the cemetery will let us put a cup on it would they!”
“No no, we’ll just maybe put it out there for her for her birthday.”
“What cup?” I asked. They pulled up the photo on her phone.

They told me that Cande always had the same mug around.
All the kids and grandkids knew that was her mug.
(see photo)
I said, “Well there it is, if you don’t mind, may take a picture of that mug? You need a religious symbol on your monument per the cemetery and I think I might have an idea if you’ll hear me out”

I sketched the pattern of the mug onto a part of the cross while they told me the mug was designed by Javier Servin, a renowned Mexican ceramicist. In traced jet black the pattern came out wonderfully and we would hope we made Cande and Mr Servin proud.

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