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Forever Reveille


The Reveille Forever statue is an elaborate story of how we single-handedly saved the First Lady… of Aggieland. It’s a tale of tight deadlines, snowstorms, and a single can of Cordovan-colored shoe polish. But we will save that for another time.
On the record, the story goes like this…
Reveille is the official mascot and a long-held tradition of Texas A&M University. She has been raising the spirits of students, alumni, and fans since 1931 when Reveille I was first introduced. Since then, 10 dogs have had the honor of being the First Lady of Aggieland.
The University donors have had a longstanding dream of having a Reveille memorial on campus. Early this year, that dream became a reality with the piece’s installation on Texas A&M’s campus. The Academy Black base was engraved with the Aggie Core Values of Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Loyalty, Integrity, and Selfless Service. Above each core value is a phase of the moon. The bronze collie depicts features from the past Reveilles into a single compilation. Miss Rev runs atop a row of suns, representing the idea that Reveille will one day set too, but in the same fashion, a new Reveille will always rise again.
Each side includes a porcelain panel with a short description of the mascot and the statue. We included N.F.C. tags, allowing students and alumni to interact with the statue by placing their phones near the panels which takes them to a webpage with more information.
Reveille sits outside of Kyle Field, near the resting place of all former Reveille mascots. It’s a spectacular piece that has already become a beloved landmark on campus and a visual representation of Texas A&M’s rich traditions.

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