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Gaither Memorial


Joshua Gaither was known by his family and friends as the “Explorer of the Universe”. He was a philosophy major who loved traveling the world to experience and learn various cultures. Joshua had a passion for people, animals, poetry and art. The classic gray granite books represent a yearning to learn as much as he could. He read every book he came across. He was captivated by cats and photographed them from all over the world. Much like Joshua’s personality, cats symbolize grace, intelligence, and independence, hence the sleeping bronze cat on the stack of books. He was very fond of the Ananse Ntontan (a-NAN-Si N-ton-TAN) symbol, which means Spider’s Web. It is a symbol of wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life. Joshua brought a wit and charm seldom seen and his sweet smile and kind spirit touched all who knew him. The family wanted a unique monument that could capture his essence and like him, bring a sense of curiosity when seeing such a unique memorial.

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