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Girardot Reilly Girardot was a young lady who embraced life to the fullest. Even after she was diagnosed with cancer she still gave her all to everything she did. She had a profound love of nature and hiking. The mountain line at the top and tree line below shows her love of nature and hiking. The soccer ball embodies Reilly’s love of sports. She was an avid soccer fan and loved being on the pitch, coaching and mentoring student athletes. She was a role model to so many. Roaming Reilly is an initiative driven by and in loving memory of Reilly Girardot, a remarkable young individual who bravely faced Melanoma. Reilly exemplified the spirit of love, joy, courage, and determination by fiercely chasing life and truly living by the motto “remember to always squeeze the juice out of life.” She never shied away from adventure. The epitaph on the bottom of the memorial allows us all to remember her bright outlook on life.

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