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The family of Mickie Sue Maccabee spent many months looking through pictures on the internet, looking at monuments in different cemeteries and seeking advice from family and friends on what kind of monument would be best for their mother. Ms. Maccabee was the loving mother of Mary Katherine and Daniel Lee Jr. Mary emailed and asked if there was someone who could design a special monument for their mother. She said that she wanted the monument to signify that her mother was a twin; she also wanted a poem on the back of the monument that would describe her mother. Mary sent many emails with photos of what she and her family had in mind for the memorial. The family didn’t want just a bench, nor did the family want a traditional monument with a vase for their mother. The family wanted each sister to have their own seat on their own side. A space so that the children could sit with their mother without their feet dangling over a huge bench. The heart shaped granite tablet sits on a pedestal with two open faced square granite vases on each side that double as supports for each bench. The heart shaped tablet has the family’s name engraved at the top with a 6” Pisces zodiac sign under the family name to specify that Ms. Maccabee and her sister were born in February. On each side of the “H” fish are engraved in opposite directions to signify that their mother was a twin. Ms. Maccabee’s name and dates are engraved on her side of the bench and the children had “Loving mother of Mary Katherine and Daniel Lee Jr” engraved under the bench on the base of the monument. On the back of the monument is “The Serenity Prayer” which is etched along with a tribute to Ms. Maccabee from her children. “MICKIE, LIVED JOYFULLY AND GRACIOUSLY, LOVED FULLY AND COMPETELY, LAUGHED MERRILY. LEARNED WILLINGLY. PATIENTLY AWAITING THE TRUMPET OF THE KING, SHE RESTS HERE PEACEFULLY. …MY PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS CHILD… IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED YOU!

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