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Vinnie, one of eight kids, drowned one night at the family’s lake cabin. There is still no answer as to what really happened. His billfold, phone and keys were found on the dock. He was found two days later in about 10 feet of water. His parents brought in a ring that he wore that had images engraved on it of his favorite things. If he wasn’t working in the family construction business, he could be found participating in one of the activities represented on the ring. Fishing was probably his favorite, so we had a likeness of a fishing rod and reel fabricated out of stainless steel and used a strand of copper wire for the line. The line is attached to the number 44, which was his high school football jersey number. We then laser engraved his and his sibling’s names on the 44. The bronze weightlifter and the stacked stone texture, which wraps around from the front to cover part of the back, represent Vinnies strength of his family values. The overall height of the monument is about 62”.

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