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Duane “Speed” Herrig is one of those larger-than-life characters! A self-made millionaire, he and his wife started their life journey racing around the state in homemade stock cars. Most of it involved oval dirt tracks but there’s lots of back country gravel roads in his past also. His love of fast cars gave him his nick name “Speed”. Eventually, fast cars turned into the auto parts business, then added golf carts. What he’s most famous for is the family B-B-Q sauce business. His brand “Cookies” is sold world-wide! We of course always have a bottle or two in the fridge! After his wife Judy died, he came to us to start the process of designing their monument. He liked the idea of black granite and some columns. After a few meetings and several versions, tall, short, wide, narrow, etc., we settled on the final design. The photo we used for the laser was taken shortly before his wife became ill, it was nice to have a fairly recent photo. The roses represent their three children, laying on their path through life. He had given her the roses every Mother’s Day for years. The texture on the lower part of the tablet represents his beginnings on the backroads while growing up. The smooth simple columns hold everything together.

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