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The design of this monument had to have a space for the mother to rest when she visited the cemetery. This monument sits at the top of a hill at the cemetery. Mrs. Hrics’ only request for her daughter to tell us, was to be sure the monument would stand tall and have a place to sit. We created this design to fit into the strict size requirements of the cemetery. This monument could not be larger that 5′-0″ in length or 5′-0 in height.

The use of the cut our cross represents their faith that made them whole. The family wanted an open feel to the monument, not just a large tablet. The cut out cross helps with the openness they were looking to include.

The design was not complete until we added a small support under the bench seat to make the right side tablet look as though it was mounted through the bench seat.

The thickness of the seat also represents the strength, stability, and foundation of the family.



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