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Jamestown S'Klallam - South Campus Signs

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S’Klallam is a Salish term for “The Strong People”. For that reason both the main V-shaped Sign and the smaller Directional Sign feature 26″ diameter full-color Bronze medallions reflecting the official tribal crest of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe.
The crest is composed of two symbols that have endured with time as totems of the S’Klallam people. These two figures have been melded together.
The Eagle is free; he is strong; he is powerful; he is silent; he is one with the Earth. For the Jamestown people, he is the enduring vision of the past and the future.
The Salmon is life; he is continuance; he is perpetual adaptation; he is the pulse of the Earth. For the Jamestown people, he is a physical link to their heritage.
If the Eagle and the Salmon disappear, the world will be a sadder place. A void will be opened that can never be filled.
The Black and Red granite pieces that make up the large V-shaped Sign are set on a 7′ tall Base clad in natural stone. Bronze lettering was utilized on the Black granite and stonework as well as Bronze arrows on the Directional Sign. Tribal graphics were engraved on the back of the V-shaped Sign adding character and life to that side.


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