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Karam Family Monument

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The Karam family had experienced a horrifying death in their family, their 2-year-old daughter, Felicity, was run over by the ice cream truck in their driveway.
The family was absolutely devastated and wanted everyone to know how broken-hearted they were with their recent loss of Felicity. The first sculpture was designed to be a smaller version of the Michaelangelo Pieta. It was erected to fit the size restrictions required by the cemetery. The family had recently traveled to the Vatican to see the original.
The symbolism was a perfect replica of the statue of the Mother of God holding her deceased child. Mrs. Karam and her daughters visibly cried while they embraced the statue in the cemetery before being installed. The cross was to be replicated to be as life-like as possible to the crucifixion cross. Mrs. Karam wanted the cross to be “nothing beautiful”. The extra carving was done to show a life-like wooden surface including the imperfections. The most important sculpture was that of the weeping angel that was to signify the angel’s devastating loss mourning Felicity. A photo ceramic taken the day Felicity died is placed on the tablet situated above the etching of a willow tree for her still-born sister, Willow.
The jet black color tablet, a base, white columns, and white sculptures were designed to express the difference between earthly life and life everlasting.


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