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Kenneth Martin Sculpted Memorial


This is the third monument we have created for the Martin family. The first was created by our long-time local sculptor back in 1998. The second was created by a new local sculptor in 2018. Ken met and married Mary in New Zealand while stationed in the South Pacific with the US Marine Corp during WW II. The family is/was active patrons of the arts and knew our previous sculptor. They met our new sculptor while he apprenticed with our previous sculptor, thus they already had a connection and knew they wanted something special for Ken to commemorate his service to our country. Hand sculpting was used for the US Flag and USMC letters with a bronze Marine Corps emblem placed front and center on the bottom. All three monuments are hand sculpted with one-of-a-kind designs utilizing custom setbacks on the tablets, bases and bench seat. The Mary and Ken E. monuments are exactly the same size, with Ken E.’s installed just to the right of the pedestal bench. It was very important that we install the Ken E. monument so that the top of the two memorials were ever/level with one another while the monument for Ken T. was designed to be exactly 4″ shorter that his parents. The monuments, pedestal bench, polished foundations and oversized vase block are all fabricated from Mahogany granite quarried in the US.

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