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This is a unique piece in Jackson, WY. Married for just under 4 months, Amie died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism. He contacted me from out in Nebraska and wrote a very long, detailed email about his wife. Sean Kerby provided no direction for design but the length and depth of the email led me to believe he wanted something spectacular but didn’t know what.

I immediately thought of a Giuliano Cecchinelli piece from almost 25 years ago that I had seen several years ago. I called Buttura & Gherardi and was pleased to discover it was still sitting in his workshop. I sent him the design and he just fell in love with it.
For those who study Giuliano, they know there is a full round version of this angel that was completed after this relief version for a young girl in Barre who was struck by lightning. Her name? Amy Elizabeth Hilferty. The name of the young Kerby woman? Amie Elizabeth. It was an uncanny coincidence that brought comfort and reassurance to Sean that this was the design for his wife!



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