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This monument is tucked amongst 100-year-old trees on a narrow stretch of earth along a well-traveled road in a historic cemetery. Designed and placed pre-need by the couple as a witness to salvation & eternal life in Christ, this monument features two large, graceful upward flowing slabs of granite placed side by side revealing the shape of an empty cross.

The Mahogany granite is used in three different ways on this monument: the outer wings are rock-pitched — a nod to Christ’s burial in a tomb carved of stone. This texture beautifully contrasts with the polished face of the slabs that create the empty cross which is further emphasized by a sandblasted textured frame.

Wanting to put all emphasis on the message of the cross, the couple chose to display only the family name on the front of the monument. The remainder of their personal information is on the back. A dark finish that blends into the granite was purposefully selected for the family name. “Life In Christ Jesus” and the Scripture reference are in high contrast, making them readable from the well-traveled road along which the monument is displayed.

The back side of the monument carries the name and birthdates of the couple as well as a personal verse that refers to each other and the Lord. The small, sculptured cat was especially important as the couple had many cats in their lives, and this was a personal detail important to both as well.

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