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Last Post and Veteran's Affairs Canada


A commission from the Last Post and Veteran’s Affairs Canada that is situated at the veteran’s section at Forest Lawn cemetery in Burnaby, BC.

This tribute consists of 3 upright Cambrian black granite pieces clad with stainless steel that is water-jet cut with text and images.

The three uprights represent the three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces – Navy, Army, and Air Force – all those who serve standing at attention on a circle – unbroken unity.

The shape of the uprights came from a sketch I did of a bugler which was framed in by lines – so it was a simple approach.

Overall the height of the uprights are 60” tall and the round Cambrian black granite base is 90” in diameter.

There are two Cambrian black granite markers 48” on either side of the walkway to the piece which describe what the tribute represents.

Viewed from above the tribute is basically a modified peace sign which I painted in my studio when trying to figure out the design. (attached images of me painting a peace sign on canvas)

Both official languages of Canada are indicated on the tribute in English and French.



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