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A friend once asked me what I loved most about the work that I do, to which I replied: “Well, one of the biggest accomplishments you can have as an artist is seeing the final results after a very long and sometimes difficult journey knowing that it will be there for lifetimes to come”.

I had started working on this memorial for the family, what seems like forever ago, and being able to see the final product installed in the cemetery made all that time spent all worth while.

Robyn, the young lady that this memorial was created for, had been in a wheelchair her entire life and dealt with many different challenges in her short time.

The family wanted the memorial to reflect her personality and how she really felt inside as an individual and not reflect who she was from an outside perspective.

Robyn was described to me as a very kind, bright and loving individual who was cherished by all who knew her. She touched the lives of all those who had crossed her path, making their day that much brighter.

She loved music more than anyone could ever understand. She saw colour that danced to the beat of her favourite songs. Her vision was so poor, the family described it to me that it was like seeing through a paper towel roll and all she saw was at the end of that tunnel. So, when she did see the colours of the music, she would dance like she was in her own heaven where nothing else mattered but the songs that were being played.

Originally the family had started out with a regular sandblasted design, but after I heard of how hearing music made her see all sorts of colours and how it truly made her feel, I knew I had to suggest creating their design into a custom glass inlay. Being on black granite, I knew the colours would stand out just as they did for her. The inlay follows the shape of the left piece of the memorial, which begins to curve upwards towards the sky while leaving the right piece simple with just her name, dates and epitaph. The design we created symbolized her expression of freedom through music and colour as she reaches to the stars, being completely free from the struggles she had endured through her entire life. Forever dancing in the stars.



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