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The mother of this 15 month old girl came to me for a monument for her daughter. After chatting with her, she said she would like to have your daughter’s image on the memorial. I came up with this idea. It incorporates mom, dad and daughter. Three individuals that made one. For this, I chose to use a Barre grey base to represent dad because its kind of a guy color. The two granite blocks represent building blocks. The jet black one for mom, having etched the baby’s information and a verse. The Mt. rose pink block for the baby, rough cut to represent an unfinished life. The scoop out at the top to catch water as a bird bath and for the bronze sculpted LIFE SIZE bronze figure of this child to dip her toes in the water. As mentioned in the epitaph, Jenna Rose loved to kick out her legs and she is depicted that way in the sculpture. This design is to represent three separate individuals combining to form one.



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