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This was a challenge AND the most fun we’ve had designing a memorial! We received a call in early December from a prominent New York PR firm asking us if we could design and build the world’s largest 1/4 pound hamburger…in 3 months. Of course we said yes and then went to work figuring out how to get it done!

We had to plan on delivery to anywhere in the contiguous US and it had to be completed before the end of February 2020. Luckily (or not, depending on your perspective!) they selected Rapid City, SD – a brief 5 hour drive from Riverton, WY. The problem? it was in Rapid City in the middle of winter. So we got the foundation poured, drove out in the middle of a blizzard and set it in the freezing cold! It is a 10′ diameter bronze hamburger on over #21,000 pounds of Sunset Mahogany granite. There were film crews, planes dragging banners through the air, free 1/4 hamburgers for anyone in town, remarks given by local dignitaries and even 2 free Happy Meals for my 2 youngest girls. A really fun project!



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