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Michael Stanley Gee


Gee: A local rock start who rocked our city for many years was the heart of our town. He never hit the big time, but he was big to us. After announcing his cancer diagnosis, it was a short few months until his passing. Leaving two twin daughters to create a fitting tribute to their father was what we helped develop. They spoke to their father before his passing on what type of monument he would like. The one detail he made sure to let them know was that there was to be no guitar design. When they explained that to me, I realized I was designing a monument to Michael Gee, a father, a brother, a husband, not the local musician we all loved. The monument took on a different meaning and the design I started with was quickly recreated. We discussed the other loves Michael had. The most significant was the Zen lifestyle he embraced. The monument design was created from a sample concept they had talked about with their dad. We created this design to fit the cemetery regulations of having a rock scape and rock garden. The horizontal tablet in American Black granite embraces the natural flow of peaceful water. The use of layers of granite reflects the concept to waterfalls. The bottom area is the rock garden which hold white marble landscape stones to offset the black granite. The white and black work off each other in a complimenting way. The final design is reflective of a peaceful place to remember a father, a brother and a husband. It helps us know Michael was more than just a musician.

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