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There was so much involved in this project! The letter ‘M’ is mirror-finished stainless steel and was intended to function as a whiteboard. Mrs. Milleson was a school teacher and it was important that her love of teaching be expressed in the memorial.
The family has Sharpie pens always at the gravesite and expects visitors to Tammy’s memorial to write a note to her on the ‘M’. The family then cleans the writing off periodically and it begins again.
The stainless apple on the left side opens to reveal her favorite mints that everyone is to share at her grave.
The sword represents the cross and required dozens upon dozens of hours just in welding. The roses and vine that surround the sword represent her 3 daughters and are all different sizes.
The granite has a poem in one of the girls’ handwriting.
It is a one-of-a-kind that can’t be duplicated.


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