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Nack – Sculpted Monument


Sheldon dearly loved his wife Mary and had a clear vision when he came to us. The family were import/exporters dealing in fine art and jewelry and thus his wife had quite a collection and penchant for unique jewelry. He brought in his wife’s favorite necklace pendant and asked us to replicate that on the face of the stone. The graphics began as a double process design, however it was clearly not providing the depth and shape that Mr. Weinberg was looking for as he wanted the heart shape to be rounded like her jewelry and the feathers to have more shape to them. The obvious solution was to hand-sculpt the Heart and Wings and the client was willing to pay for it. This custom carving and the surnames on the front are captioned with a powerful and thought provoking epitaph/question often posed in jest amongst the family, “Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

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