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Always seen with his guitar, the Nava family wanted to make sure that he would always have it with him. Having rifled through many different images of Guitar styled monuments, we could not come up with a plan that looked good enough. Most guitar style monuments, the guitars tend to be out of scale or at least not life size. They also seem to be the awkwardly placed on the die. We chose to change it up for this family. By using two stones, the sculpted guitar and the die, we were able to create a window that allowed the light to show through and show the separation. The shell rock to the left of the guitar neck was used to strengthen the neck. That detail was brought over to the top of the die to tie the two designs together. The die is cut to follow the contour of the guitar. This makes it very narrow at the joint. With a 1.25″ pin epoxied into the stone, we were able to stand the stone up tall safely.



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