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Our local cemetery changed regulations 10 years ago now allowing upright monuments. Many families in the cemetery had existing flat markers and have now decided to replace the flat stones with monuments. The O’Connor family is one of the families making the switch.

The design of the O’Connor monument makes a very beautiful statement to the family’s Irish heritage. This hand design is in the shape of a shamrock. This not only represents their nationality, but it was also a design created by Tim O’Connor for his own tattoo and company logo. He was an Irish, Catholic man who wore the design proudly. He created the design after his wife, died of cancer, as an ode to their bond and heritage.

When they married, they had a traditional Irish “handfasting,” in which the couple holds hands, and the priest ties them together. This practice, along with the hand within the tombstone design, symbolized the binding of two lives forever.

The O’Connor’s son was sure his parents would want this as the symbol at their resting place together.

The cemetery required a Christian symbol and the rosary was added to the hand which represents their Christian faith and devotion.
The center shamrock is a porcelain panel that is recessed in Barre Grey Granite. We frosted the lower area to make the shamrock shape as pronounced as possible.

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