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The OLINSKI MEMORIAL is a private columbarium that can memorialize 6 family members.
The monument centers around the life and family of Nellie Olinski. Nellie was born in Warsaw and tragically lost her family at a young age. Later, as a young adult, sometime in the early 1930’s she left Warsaw to begin the next chapter of her life in a new country.
She never talked about the tragedy that took her family so much of her early story is unknown. The two niches are held in suspension by the three pillars creating open spaces. These gaps tell the missing story of Nellie’s earlier life.
The pillars are of differing heights and each represent her life; as a child in a far away place; her new life and the family that she began in her new home; and the future of her family and their descendants. The pillars showcase her strength and the desire to reach for your dreams no matter life’s twists and turns. The pillars are set up so one can walk around the memorial; each view different.
The niches are Black Granite. The pillars are Paradiso Granite and polished on all sides. The pillars provide the memorial a modern sculptural look. The memorial sits on a polished black granite hexagon shaped sub base that follows the shape of the memorial and bears the family name OLINSKI. The hexagon shaped base is black granite with a polish top and rock pitch sides.



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