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The customer brought in a concept they had in mind, with a figure that she wanted to use to signify the relationship between a mother and child. This monument was to be made for her son that recently passed away, with a space left for her future burial on the bevel front of the base. The figure was very beautiful, but it needed to be modified to meet the Chicago Archdiocese’s requirement of incorporating a prominent religious figure. I added a veil to the woman figure, and thus the “mother” in the image became the Virgin Mary. Another feature I found to be rather significant was the overall shape of the figures. I saw the heart shape outline they created when positioned together, so I continued that abstract heart shape along the left side of the tablet underneath the sculpted figures, which will be a scooped setback to give the figures more definition. This monument has been designed to symbolize the Eternal Love between a mother and her child.

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