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The Priest family wanted me to Design a stone for their daughter who had a vibrant joy and zest for life despite her being special needs. They asked me to use a cross on the memorial stone because Camille loved going to church and especially loved to sing at the top of her lungs to church Hymns. I decided to make the cross the central feature on the stone and add starburst rays to make it stand out. Camille’s Dad always called her Sweet Pea so to incorporate that in the memorial stone I choose to diamond etch sweet pea’s across the bottom of the stone and up the side. On the back of the memorial stone we carved a cardinal representing the cardinal that Camille’s mom kept seeing from her window the day her daughter died. Impala black granite was used with the front & back polished. I steeled the top and sides to give a dramatic contrast from the polished front & back.



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