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Repurpose. Reuse. Remember.


20 acres in the heart of Texas A&M University’s campus has been transformed into an outdoor space for students and visitors. For the Aggie Park project, we were tasked with re-locating and re-designing some of the university’s most significant existing statues and monuments within the new park. We removed and disassembled a Mahogany granite fountain from outside of the Alumni building. The middle seal was replaced in front of the building as a stand-alone piece. The university had originally asked us to have the outer granite pieces that surrounded the fountain disposed of. However, we suggested reclaiming the granite and creating benches to be placed around the park. In order to disguise forty years of wear and damages, the outer edges were sandblasted and restored with a new texture. We worked out how the benches would be assembled and designed the pedestals they sit on. Several benches surround a statue of J.V. “Pinky” Wilson, creating a small plaza for people to gather. “The Spirit of Bonfire” statue was moved from its original location and we chose to place it where it is now displayed, along the main path. We picked out three Sunset Red granite stones from a local quarry and added a thermal finish to the pedestals. With a new layout to showcase these pieces, this section of the park continues memorialize an Aggie tradition. A set of bronze bonded Aggie Rings was removed and relocated outside of the Williams Alumni Center. We intentionally chose this location for the rings because they help to establish the Alumni building and lead into the park. Instead of being under trees, we pulled them away making them a great spot for current and former students to take photos. Although many parts of this project had been on campus for years, we were able re-purpose and re-design them so, they can be remembered in this new space.

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