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Schlabach Family Monument

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Although Sheldon was a successful business owner and was described as being “a very gifted and talented person, always able to put people at ease with his caring and gentle manner”, he never considered himself worthy; and his faith is what drove every aspect of his life. So when the family expressed an interest in having bronze birds on the monument, I suggested the use of the Bible verse regarding how God sees him as “more precious than many sparrows” and I paired it with the bird bath and bronze sparrows to bring the point home. As his faith was the pinnacle of his life, The design naturally places the cross and wreath (indicating not only his success in this life, but also his crown of glory in heaven) at the highest point on the monument. I shaped the monument with straight lines to indicate his success and strength of character and with curved lines symbolizing his caring and gentle manner. The vertical starburst not only emphasizes the cross and wreath, but also symbolizes his feeling of being unworthy of God’s grace. Susan, Sheldon’s wife, wanted a design that would allow for the addition of their children’s inscriptions, so I designed a stair-step base to accommodate this possibility. Sheldon’s life was cut short by an automobile accident and his family expressed that even if they never knew why he was taken so soon they would continue to praise God…”We will praise Him for His mighty deeds and wonderful grace.”


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