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The Shaughnessy family had an unexpected loss when Marian passed. Mr. Shaughnessy came to us wanting a Celtic Cross monument. He had just purchased a family lot in a new section of the cemetery. The cemetery established regulations for monumentation to be classic, not modern so the Celtic Cross concept was perfect. We then discussed with Mr. Shaughnessy that the monument had to be large to fit appropriately in the very new, undeveloped area. If it was too small it would look lost. We made this 10′-0” overall height.

Mr. Shaughnessy had no idea that there were so many details to consider, even though they traveled to Ireland many times to tour cemeteries to see ancient Celtic Crosses. He just knew that the style had to be unique and traditional.

We had to review every detail, from the granite color, size, to the final knotwork that would be used. Mr. Shaughnessy allowed us to narrow down design options to what we thought would work best.

When we reviewed all the final details he remarked that Marian would have loved it. It was perfect.

Each section of the knotwork is a continuous braid under and over. The lettering is a classic Lombardic font in a frosted outline cut. This allows for the family’s name to stand out.

The cross tapers on all the crossbars and tapers in thickness front to back as well. The subbase had to also be large enough for the long family name.


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