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Shelby Concept

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The Wall family is known for their service to the community. Dr. Wall, a preacher in the area, and his wife have always been known to help out where ever they were needed. But one thing is for sure, their faith was absolutely number one in their life.

Originally a design created as a practice concept for Carol Shelby, This design made absolute sense for this family. The elevated oval was the perfect place to have the family name raised along with the description of who they are as a family. This elevates the focus of the family well above the individuals. The rough sides are added to symbolize how we are made new in Christ from our broken nature.

The scripture verse on the back was done in a way that brought attention to the focus of the verse. By boldening the words “Jesus” “I am” and “Me” so that the subject matter is drawn forward to those whom may read it. creating the understand that the verse is for everyone.


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