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Snively Memorial


Mr. and Mrs. Snively wanted something unique and special but didn’t know how to describe it. After losing their son Jeremiah unexpectedly, Mrs. Snively had a beautiful dream of Jeremiah being happy and free. She remembered her and her husband overlooking grassy hills while standing under a large tree. They were waving to Jeremiah as he was walking off into the bright sunlight and he was telling them not to worry, everything was going to be okay. She woke up to the most tranquil feeling she ever had. This angelic dream along with one of her favorite Bible verses, Jeremiah 29:11, gave her the strength to help with their grief and knowing the Lord has other plans for their son. It also set forth the design concept and was recreated in fused glass to showcase the vivid colors of greens, blues, and yellows that she remembered. The complete circular shape of the base is symbolic of the strong circle created by family and friends when they surrounded them in their tragic time of need. A simple core hole off to the right allows for perennial flowers to be planted to come back year after year.

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