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When Charlie originally approached me about a memorial for his dad and his mom, he was one of those folks who said he didn’t want anything “fancy”. Just a “regular monument” he said, and he didn’t need/want any carvings on it. After speaking with Charlie more about his Dad, I was able to glean Charles Sr. was a pastor and faith was very important to him – but, Charlie emphasized, they were simple people, and not in-your-face folks. I explained to Charlie that I can use symbolism more to capture the importance of his Mom and Dad’s faith, without a bunch of flare. I offered a small cross to be the only carving on the monument and he liked that idea, and would use red granite to represent the red letters spoken by Chris in the Bible, and lastly an apex design that points the focus of the viewer up (towards Heaven). Charlie loved it. But then he asked if we could add a Bible verse. I explained good design requires we have a place the verse belongs and created a check, similar to a band carving, thus also emphasizing the space for the cross even more. The family name is what makes it one of favorite designs. I wanted frosted bar letters for the name, but it just floated in space. Creating the rectangle for the recessed area behind the name tied it in to the check at the top both in shape and depth. The overall affect was better than I had envisioned.



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