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Joshua was murdered in Colorado. His mom was presented with a ‘design book’ from a funeral home and was unhappy with cookie-cutter choices. She sought us out to see what we could do. After learning about her son, I knew just the sculpture piece that she needed. “Labenter Loborr” is the title and it symbolizes the great that can be accomplished by imperfect people. Her son (like we all do) had flaws, hence the deformed wing of the sculpture (which no one ever notices). Yet he still loved and lived passionately. He even took a few hits over the years protecting that love. The negative heart in the granite represents the void left by Josh’s departure that was left on his mother and his aunt. Of course, Josh (the angel) is still the focal point of their life. The whole memorial is a reminder that love is worth protecting and can be expressed perfectly by imperfect people.

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