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The Mad Hatter


After his mother’s passing, Mr. Gaiser came to us wanting to do something beautiful for his mother. She was a nurse who had dedicated her life to taking care of others. This design was inspired by the atypical shape of a used car dealership sign. But, in the office we often refer to it as “The Mad Hatter” because of its Wonderland-like resemblance. The inverted pyramid shape allowed us to structure the family’s information calling attention to the family name first and then leading into the next section with names and dates. One element that gives this family monument its flair is the color of the stone. American Black provides this design with the contrast needed to enhance the floral design and highlight each piece of the memorial, creating a soft yet eye-catching centerpiece. In addition, the details and elegance of the pattern establish a harmonious transition between the top and bottom panels. This combination of color, form, and design makes this a classic design that will withstand the test of time.

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