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The Quilt of Hope


This Memorial was designed on honor of Jan Lewis and all the other patients awaiting organ transplants. Jan was a lover of life and of quilting. While staying at the Gift of Life Transplant House awaiting an organ transplant she created a quilt that hangs in the home today. Jan unfortunately lost her battle, but this memorial was created to help her legacy of encouragement to others live on. The granite was designed and engraved based on her original quilt. The color images are actual photos of her quilt done in porcelain. The sandblasted images of hummingbirds are original works of her grandchildren, and the lettering on the individual squares are from others, who purchased a spot on the quilt (to be donated back to the house), are from anyone, to say whatever message they want to those awaiting or who have undergone transplant surgery. What started as a memorial to Jan, has become a memorial to thousands who travel the world to stay at this home to fight their fight. More memorials are in the works to be added to this courtyard.



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