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Thomas Wings

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The Thomas family is a close family friend of ours and recently lost a 3 month old baby. SJ was diagnosed with a rare disease, spinal muscular atrophy, and tragically passed away after 3 months of blessing this world. The parents had a tattoo created utilizing angel wings and their lost babies initials. We used their tattoo as our inspiration to create a family monument that can be used for decades to come. We intentionally left a large of empty space under the bronze vase so the parent’s name could be added in the future. The bronze sculpture was perfect for the family because Mom was obsessed with stars, and they are pregnant with a baby girl at the moment. The three stars represent mom, dad, and SJ’s soon to be sister, while the person under the stars represents SJ watching his family. To tie in with the bronze piece and the star theme we used Black Galaxy for the base. The family did not want to put dates on the memorial because it wasn’t important to them. But it was very important to have the length of his life, so we used the saying “forever 3 months” to represent SJ’s life. Because the family wanted to visit the grave all year round, as well as place quite a few items at the memorial we did something a little different for the base/sub-base. The base is actually smaller than the sub-base in order to lift if up and make it look like it is floating. This also allows the family to visit the grave in the winter and still see their family name and items left at the grave. Lastly because of all of the memorial items that the family wanted to place, we designed the base to try to maximize the amount of room they have to use for items for SJ as well as keep them off the ground for the cemetery.


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