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Veteran’s Arch Cenotaph


Arches symbolize strength and support both physically and spiritually and the three arches also represent the three branches of the forces.

The arches are like the doorways in a rite of passage, an initiation – which is what draws many people to service.

Five minutes south of this location is the Peace Arch Memorial US border crossing uniting Canada and the United States.

Fashioned in an Inverted U-shape, one of the most common building blocks found in the art and design of the first peoples of Pacific NW coastal region, the forms also respect the heritage and history of the land they occupy.

In the centre arch, there is an engraved granite commemorative plaque in English and French.

Constructed of 3” solid aluminum and engraved with text, these forms are anchored into subgrade foundations and further encased by the concrete plaza. The tallest arch stands 10.5 feet above the plaza grade. The site is accessible to all foot traffic, as well as those requiring mechanical or assisted access.

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