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Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument


This cenotaph commemorates 544 KIA’s. A 42ft. diameter, 104,000-pound monument was erected on a 100ft, diameter pavilion 42ft. diameter, in the Veterans Memorial Park.
Consisting of (9) 4-4 x 0-9 x 6-6 all polished black granite monoliths, with a 2″ concave face, that matches the 42-foot curvature. The back center monolith has a 5 ft. area map of Vietnam along with a small-scale map. The KIA names are inscribed on the other (8) monoliths. An 11ft. obelisk anchors the center having the 5 service emblems and the song “Simple Soldiers” by Jay DeMarcos of Rascal Flatts. A gray granite Honor Plaque Plaza includes “An Interesting Facts” section, plus poems written while in Vietnam, also Honor plaques for many soldiers that have
served our country throughout the years.
“A Tribute 50 Years Late”

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