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Westover Yin & Yang

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When the matriarch of the Westover family passed, it became obvious to Layne that he lost the other half of his spirit. Deeply immersed in her heritage, the family wanted something that represented that culture as well as the two of them. We chose to follow the ideals of Yin & Yang. We opted to create two separate dies that were diametrically opposed to one another. The tops both bare a diminishing tapper, one zero to full, the other from full to zero going from left to right. One is the concave the other is convex. These two opposites clearly attracted to each other, which is why the names are drawn to one another.

The back carries their wedding information as well as their lineage as well as a family crest. It also carries the diminishing tapper detail with the blasted line that crosses the two tablets.

With the clean lines, we could not go with a standard vase, opting instead for these custom stainless steel tube vases that are pinned through the base. The bevel stops on them are pointed at opposing 45-degree angles from the face, carrying the Yin & Yang them through them as well.


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