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Wilson “Mommy’s Little Girl”


Since McKenzie was taken when her son was still so young, McKenzie’s mom, Stacey, wanted a monument that would help him remember his Mommy. She wanted something that was different, in order to honor McKenzie’s spunky personality. According to her mom, McKenzie was the life of the party, always making people laugh. To honor her genuine love for others and her outgoing personality, I designed this monument to be tall with a mix of lines and curves. McKenzie’s favorite flower was the sunflower, so we used one sculptured sunflower to represent her son and three sculpted sunflowers to represent Stacey’s children. Although it cannot be seen, due to the flowers the family has planted, the front margin bears the text “Forever Mommy’s Girl” to show the close relationship between mother and daughter. Although, I had suggested that Stacey’s name be located below the Wilson family name, the customer did not want her name to overshadow her daughter’s, so she requested that her children’s names be listed in that location. The back bears tribute to the love that McKenzie had for her son, Jayce, and the heartbreak that the family is left with in the wake of her death. Seeing these photos forever etched in stone, Jayce will not have to wonder about his mother’s love for him.

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