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Cremation receptacles have become a very special type of memorial tribute. The use of traditional shapes with custom finishes and lettering makes cremation memorials very personal. This design was created for a family. This piece is designed for Sherrill Witt, her husband, her mother, stepfather, and in memory of her father who passed when she was a young child. The use of American Black granite adds a natural color granite to compliment the landscape of the lot. Using polished and rock textures adds dimension and interest to the block shapes. The use of this granite also allowed us to engrave on multiple surfaces as well as a lot of flowing lines of text. Personalization was incorporated with each person having a unique design. The top of the pillar for Sherrill and William has their signature trolley design. They have run a local trolley company for decades in our city. It was only due to covid that their business had to close. Sherrill wanted to have a permanent legacy on her memorial. The phrase on top “Hi my name is Sherrill, and I’ll be your tour guide today” was how she greeted every guest who traveled with her.


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